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TICA Cooperated with COMAC Again and Won the Bid for C919 Large Aircraft Flight Test Center
Time: 2016-09-01 16:40:37     From: TICA

Songs of TICA triumph were heard in China large aircraft field. Following the success in bid of C919 general assembly shop, TICA was awarded the Flight Test Center Dongying Base Flight Test Reconditioner Hanger Construction Project.

The model accepted in this bid is the TICA air cooled screw heat pump unit. In terms of hardware, the compressor of the unit is supplied by the world renowned manufacturer, Bitzer Compressor (Beijing) Ltd. This source of supply ensures the efficiency and stability of the unit performance. The heat exchanger is TICA-made high-efficiency shell-and-tube type, whose rifled heat exchange tube and inverse flow design improve the operating efficiency of the unit. In terms of overall design, the original TICA double superheat electronic expansion valve control technology and synergistic control technology are used for maximizing the advantages of the hardware. Our excellent hardware performances and mature design capability are combined perfectly, so the TICA air cooled screw heat pump unit has such advantages as high efficiency, stability in operation, and user-friendliness.

The Dongying Flight Test Base covers 500 mu (333,333 m2), with over RMB 100 million yuan investment, including 9,200 m2 for two C919 aircraft flight test reconditioner hangars. The base is the main place for COMAC high-risk flight test subjects of C919 aircrafts, flight training and technical training of test pilots and subsequent routine maintenance work.

The independent development and manufacturing of China-made large aircraft is the space dream of our nation, and also the dream of Chinese manufacturing industry, say the industry sources. The TICA had made contributions to the achievement of “Made in China 2025” strategic objectives by providing frequent assistance in the large aircraft projects.