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TICA Was Awarded the Great Hall of the People Project
Time: 2016-09-01 16:46:34     From: TICA

December 3, 2015, the Central Air-conditioning System tender panel of the Great Hall of the People announced that TICA was awarded the contract of the Local Reinforcement Project of the Great Hall of the People owing to its incomparable core competitiveness in air side product.

The Great Hall of the People, as the national top level conference center, reflects the national image, so it requires explicitly a high unit quality, performance and stability. The bid was so strict with units from the bid enterprises that the required indices, e.g., cleanliness, unit stiffness, air leakage rate, cold bridge, etc, exceeded those in normal construction project. Besides, the tender panel also raised a rather high requirement on after-sale service of the bid enterprises. Finally, TICA won the Great Hall of the People local reinforcement project by virtue of mature performance advantages and 5-year repair service.

The units supplied by TICA to the Great Hall of the People in this project include TICA air handling unit, exposed fan coil unit and recessed fan coil unit. It is reported that the TICA air handling unit has ranked first in domestic market share for five years. It has been well received in the market owing to its excellent unit quality and efficient cleaning ability. Additionally, the FPD and the air handling unit used in clean workshop of semiconductor industry, by virtue of their prominent technical characteristics, won the second prize of China machinery industry science and technology awards in 2013. Just recently, the TICA ISO1 super-clean environment integrated system was awarded the first prize of China machinery industry science and technology awards, the top award of China machinery industry. It marks the breaking of foreign technology monopoly in air handling and provides a strong support and guarantee for such fields as manufacturing of large-scale integrated circuit and chip, production of large FPD, biological pharmacy, etc.

The successful bidding of the Great Hall of the People Project adds an outstanding achievement in TICA municipal projects. Our employees will still adhere to the belief in sustained effort, and win the satisfaction and trust of customers by even better product quality and personalized services.