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TICA Being Invited to the 23rd ICCCS
Time: 2016-10-14 08:52:10     From: TICA

The 23rd ISCC sponsored by ICCCS was held successfully inSao Paulo,Brazilon September 21-23, 2016. TICA was invited as a member of the Chinese delegation to give a professional report and make the share of its R&D achievements in clean technology.

ICCCS aims to eliminate barriers to, and promote exchange and popularization of contamination control technology. It is the world’s sole international organization and the most representative international platform for contamination control technology, and also the most authoritative training institution. ICCCS promoted the establishment of ISO/TC209 clean room and associated controlled Environmental Technology Committee responsible for developing ISO international standard for clean technology.

ICCCS has 18 member states includingChina, theUnited States,Britain,France,Germany,Italy,Holland,Korea, andBrazil. ICCCS is held every two years with academic content representing the latest achievement and development trend of current international clean technology.

As one of 27 academic papers catalogued during this session, TICA’s ISO Class 1 Ultra-clean Integrated Environmental System – The Test & Analysis of Full Range was the only one from the air-conditioner manufacturer and fully demonstrated TICA’s high-level R&D ability of clean technology.

In recent years, TICA has been committed to providing specialized electronic workshops, pharmaceutical firms and clean workshops with not only high-end purification products but also leading integrated purification system solutions. It is reported that TICA has obtained more than 40% of market share in such professional fields as microelectronics, operation room in hospital, biopharmaceuticals.