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Establishment of National Geothermal Energy Development & Research Center, and Heat Pump Becoming Hotspot
Time: 2013-03-25 15:26:22     From: TICA

  According to National Energy Administration website on March 11, National Geothermal Energy Development & Application Research and Technology Promotion Center, which relied on Star Petroleum Company affiliated with Sinopec (600028), was founded. The center focuses on geothermal energy development strategy planning, key technology development & research, talent cultivation and international exchange, etc. The establishment of National Geothermal Energy Development & Research Center provides platform for large-scale promotion of geothermal energy (water and ground source heat pump, etc) application, so that future commercialization development of geothermal energy (water and ground source heat pump) is expected to step into rapid development stage.

  According to National Energy Administration website on February 7, Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development and Utilization of Geothermal Energy was released by National Energy Administration, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Construction for the purpose of promoting the development and application of geothermal energy.

  Guiding Opinions presents that geothermal energy is new, clean and green renewable energy resource characterized by large reserve, vast distribution, broad development prospect and huge market potential. Active development and application of geothermal energy are of important practical significance and long-term strategic significance to relieve the pressure of energy resources, achieve non-fossil energy objective, promote energy production and consumption revolution, and accelerate ecological civilization construction.

  According to Guiding Opinions, main objective of application of geothermal energy is that national geothermal energy resource condition and distribution are basically to be found out, and national geothermal energy resource data and information system is to be established by 2015. National geothermal heating area is to reach 500 million square meters. Geothermal installed power-generating unit is to reach 100,000 KW, and annual availability of geothermal energy is up to 20 million ton standard coal. A relatively complete industry system such as geothermal energy resource assessment, development and application technology, key equipment manufacturing, industry service, is formed. By 2020, availability of geothermal energy developed is to reach 50 million ton standard coal, and complete geothermal energy development & application technology and industry system is established.

  Guiding Opinions also presents that National Energy Administration will, based on renewable energy development planning, prepare Geothermal Energy Development & Application General Planning together with the Ministry of Land and Resources and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction, etc. Relevant departments, local governments at all levels and related enterprises pay much attention to the development of geothermal energy, and strictly abide by Renewable Energy Act, actively promote geothermal energy development and application, and accelerate healthy and orderly development of geothermal energy industry.

  Before then, it was speculated by insiders that amount of investment in shallow geothermal development would be more than RMB 150 billion by 2015.