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Initiation of HCFC Elimination Promotion Campaign in the Community
Time: 2013-05-03 15:34:38     From: TICA

  The Ministry of Environment Protection launched “Chinese Public Sky-Hole-Patching Campaign – HCFC Elimination Promotion Campaign in Community” in Shenzhen, Guangdong on April 28, 2013. This campaign promotion is to be continued in middle and large cities such as Beijing in the future. 

  HCFC, Freon, halon are ozone layer depleting substances which can cause damage to ozone layer. In industrial production, these substances are mainly applied in refrigerant and foaming agent. Refrigeration equipment, especially household air conditioning, is the main user of these substances.

  It is reported that Chinese household air conditioning industry will use R290 as main alternative refrigerant, and transformation of 18 R290 air conditioning production lines will be completed before 2015 to gradually reduce the use of HCFC.