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Palace Wingoal Grand Hotel of Chaoyang

Palace Wingoal Grand Hotel of Chaoyang
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TICA Screw Water Source Heat Pump is Deeply Trusted by Chaoyang Five-star Hotel

Chaoyang Palace Wingoal Grand Hotel, located at No.1, Second Section, Xinhua Road, Shuangtai District, Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, is a five-star hotel and invested by Liaoning Chaoyang Wingoal Group. The hotel has 23 floors with a height of 96 m. It covers an area of 100,000 m2 including business area of 49,000 m2. Living facilities near the hotel are very complete. Besides, the hotel has an extremely advantageous location and convenient transportation, so that people can go to South Tower Scenic Spot and Chaoyang Street Business Area by foot. 

Chaoyang Palace Wingoal Grand Hotel owns 368 various rooms such as standard room, business room, executive suite, presidential suite, and executive lounge. Besides, there is Chinese restaurant, lakeside coffee house, 30 luxury catering compartments, a large banquet room which can accommodate 100 people, 12 multifunctional meeting rooms, bath club which highlights the distinguished status, fitness center, tennis court, indoor golf practice court, famous product shopping mall and other service facilities which open day and night. Here the environment is very comfortable and service is warm and thoughtful. Therefore, the hotel is an ideal place to stay for either business travel or leisure travel.

It is Liaoning Jindi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. that is responsible for installation and construction of the project. The project was completed at the end of 2010, and the hotel opened in December, 2011. Since its opening, the hotel has always run well. In April, 2010, the purchased equipment was as follows:

TESD150.1BW2R, cooling capacity: 533.6KW, heating capacity: 566.4KW, one

TESD250.2BW2R, cooling capacity: 879.1KW, heating capacity: 940.3KW, three


The project object is five-star hotel, so central air conditioning system and 24-hour hot water service are provided. Party A originally determines separate setting mode on cool and hot source, that is, water chiller unit provides cold source and water boiler provides hot source. Based on this condition, we choose water source heat pump unit with partial hot water recovery. When such unit operates in refrigerating mode, heat recovery device is operated to collect heat of condensation and output 45℃ hot water for use in guest room and bath room, thus turning waste into wealth and saving energies. From technical exchange before design to installation, debugging, product maintenance after supply, our company always offers five-star service and has won consistent praise from Party A and Installation Company.

Excellent qualities of our water source heat pump, such as stable operation, convenient maintenance, made it favored by Liaoning Jindi. Therefore, at the same year Liaoning Jindi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. also ordered TESD090.1BW2, TESD100.1BW2, TESD195.1BW2, TESD260.2CW2, 8 screw water source heat pump units in Fusidun International Hotel Chaoyang (International standard four-star hotel) project. Presently, we maintain a good cooperative relation with Liaoning Chaoyang Wingoal Group and Liaoning Jindi Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., looking forward to more cooperation in the future.