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TICA Culture


Our incomes are awarded by customers

The service life of our central air conditioner and refrigeration equipment is about 10 to 20 years, longer than that of common consumer goods. As TICA is in the investment market, the cooperation relationship rather than the equipment itself will take the priority when customers make a choice. Long-term survival of our enterprise will be ensured when the customer satisfaction as the major premise, which is attributable to better quality, higher stability, more reasonable price and attentive service, is met. Accordingly, our incomes are awarded by customers. This is the reason we are customer-oriented.

Good service is crucial to the survival of our enterprise

One of the business motives is profit. The survival of our enterprise is a process when customer demands are satisfied, the desired products and services are supplied to customers and reasonable returns are obtained. For example, our enterprise development needs funds, the employees need wages and bonuses, and our shareholders need returns. Since suppliers won’t make a competitive offer casually, and customers are the only one to pay us, shouldn’t we center on customer services rather than others? Only when we keep the customer services in mind and in action, our enterprise will have a chance of survival and development. TICA is considered successful as soon as our enterprise culture becomes the industry service culture.

Enterprise bankruptcy results from inferior quality

Product quality problem will put customers to trouble. No customers want to spend money on trouble-making products. Inferior quality leads to customer churn and even enterprise bankruptcy. Quality means market, efficiency and the life of an enterprise. Every TICA employer and employee is responsible for quality assurance. The survival of our enterprise is subject to good products whose quality shall be guaranteed throughout the whole process.

Customer trust

Customers are satisfactory with most top-rank enterprises and their products, but it doesn’t mean a certain purchasing behavior. Any negligible reason will strength or weaken the customer trust. Therefore, long-term customer trust in our enterprise is established and strengthened if we have advantages in quality, price, delivery date and service based on customer demands.

Suppliers and customers are of equal importance

Huawei Enterprise is one of the most internationally competitive Chinese companies. They treat suppliers and customers as equally important, and they have made great success consequently. Timely payment to suppliers is what we are supposed to do, and it will bring us a market credit. We shall not only optimize the production cost, but also make a comprehensive survey on quality assurance system, product stability, technical support level and enterprise development ability of suppliers so as to turn them into the derivation of our enterprise resources and competence. In this way, our enterprise will have a comprehensive competitiveness.

Enterprise suffers from deficit due to negligence of cost

Cost is a significant that every employee shall pay attention to. The budget for controlling all daily expenses, the control of purchase cost by means of open and transparent price tendering, reduction of product cost through optimal design and control of labor cost according to enterprise of department production and sale scales are essential. The efficiency improving is surely the key to cost reduction.


5S, i.e., SEIRI (organize), SEITON (rectify), SEISOU (eliminate), SEIKETSU(clean) and SHITSUKE (manner), is the daily routine work. A good execution of 5S for stainless floors, spotless and bolt-free workshop ways and E-factory-like environment embody a high site management level. The execution and pursuance of 5S visual management makes the site management clear at a glance. IS means security. Occurrence of accident shall be decreased and avoided by employees with standard operational practices and security awareness.

Next process is customers

The next process is our customers. The defective products must not be delivered to the next process. The relationship between departments is like that between customers. The release of rejected products to the next process is the dereliction of duty of the previous process. Every staff member shall listen to opinions from the next process and make a sincere review and modification so as to satisfy “customers” of the next process.

No details, no success

Negligence of details is the terminator of success, and details determine the enterprise’s fate. The critical factors of enterprise success include simplification of complex problems, standardization of simple problems and focus on operation details. An eye for details is indispensable, for replacement of quality products by defective ones is undesirable, for the work level depending on details is known to us, and more trouble and hardships are unwanted. Satisfactory customer evaluations come with good details.